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Team registration deadline of Sept 9

Individual Registration deadline of Sept 24


The Charlotte Royals would like to welcome Gay Teams and Gay Allies to register for the QCC rugby tournament either as a team or as an individual.  We are aiming to have an all IGR tournament.  If you are a non-IGR team or not affiliated with an IGR team please contact us for more information. If you register as an individual, we will assign you to the team most in need of additional players based on their provided roster. If all teams meet their roster cap, any additional individual registrations will not be accepted. If you register as an individual but we cannot place you with a team, we will refund all or part of your registration costs depending on if you still wish to enjoy the non-game benefits of player registration. You can also register as a supporter, which will get you into the tournament as well as the party on Saturday night and a tournament welcome bag.

Team/individual player registration*: $25/player
Supporter registration**: $15

*Team and individual registrations include gameplay, game-day lunch, a welcome bag, a tournament t-shirt, and admission to the tournament third half and after-party.

**Supporter registration includes admission to the matches, the third half, the after-party, and a welcome bag.

Roster information

In addition to providing us with the information below, we will also need the CIPP information for every player that plans to participate in the tournament. We are setting a standard roster cap of 25 players and a cap of 5 supporters outside of coaches.

The easiest way for you to send this information is by searching for your club on the USA Rugby roster page and copying/pasting the roster into an excel spreadsheet to email to us. A roster size must be provided by Aug 27 (payment deadline) in order to calculate registration amount, but your player roster with names and corresponding t-shirt sizes must be emailed to by September 9th in order for all players on that roster to be eligible in the tournament.

Dietary concerns?

If any of your players have specific dietary needs for lunch on Saturday, please make sure to communicate that to us when registering them.

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